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◆Developed a participatory point (reward) system for environmental measures(1st)

To solve carbon-neutral and environmental problems, the efforts of the national government and companies alone are not enough. It is important for many people across regions to tackle and act on environmental issues. I think that it is best to be in a state of being integrated into everyday life such as social activities and daily life.
It is very important to appeal from the climate change crisis and social demands. However, a system that provides a small reward and a record of its contribution is a tool that makes more people positive.
To that end, we have developed a system that manages points (a little reward) and achievements (contribution). It's not a complete system yet, but we have developed some modules.

<Developed, under development (expected to be completed)>
・ Cryptographic asset system (node)   "CRC" Cryptocurrency
・ Point system (high-speed ledger)   "cc Coin"
・ Integrated wallet application (integrated wallet of crypto assets and points)
・ Currency exchange system (entrance of crypto assets and points)

<Planning (planned)>
・ Exchange system (planned)
・ Monitoring system (planned)
・ Back office system (planned)

The project name is "Coins reduce Carbon" CRC
We plan to launch Japan in 2021 and the UK in 2022.

Our goal (exit) is to provide a mechanism (system) that solves carbon-neutral and environmental problems. We hope that this system will make the maximum contribution.
Hopefully, a strong promoter can take over this project.

The proponents (we) who are more flexible than thinking about it can do something. I decided to pioneer.
We will launch a project in the UK, which is an environmentally advanced region, and in Japan, our home.

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